AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution LLC

AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution LLC is a US distribution company of Technocraft Group. Technocraft is a global supplier of premium quality scaffolding equipment and accessories. Our products are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail to meet or exceed the highest standards set in the scaffolding industry.

At AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution LLC with our diversified inventory and unparalleled customer service, we are committed to helping ensure the success of our clients operating in scaffold erection, industrial services, petrochemical concerns, infrastructure, and many more


We understand the importance of equipment accessibility. Our strategic warehousing and logistical resources result in accelerated lead times providing your organization with the equipment needed, when it’s needed.

About AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution LLC

Although TECHNOCRAFT is globally recognized as the standard in scaffold supply, AAIT prides itself on providing individualized customer care to all of our clients. We recognize that in our ever-changing professional landscape, we must treat every customer in a manner that addresses their specific concerns. Our personable team is dedicated to supplying our customers with not only the finest quality equipment, but service as well.



Technocraft's new scaffold e-commerce initiative through launch of ScaffoldsSupply.com

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new eCommerce website! ScaffoldsSupply.com

We’ve made it easier than ever for customers to browse product catalogue, find out which product is right for them and then purchase online – quickly and securely.

ScaffoldsSupply.com is an online supplier of various type of high quality scaffoldng and accessories. We sell Cuplock, Ringlock, Shoring, and related scaffold components to refineries, shipyards, construction companies, scaffold rental outfits, scaffolding suppliers, and all end users that utilize scaffolding equipment. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, available stock and customer service. ScaffoldsSupply.com is owned by the Technocraft Group, which is global supplier of scaffolding and related accessories to some of the largest and most well known multi-craft construction companies that exist today. We understand that having a diverse scaffold inventory with high stock levels are necessary in this industry, so we have fully stocked a yard in Houston, Texas with the most popular scaffold components including Ringlock, Cuplock, and Shoring related equipment. Our scaffold yard in Houston is conveniently located on the east side and is accessible from all of the major highways intersecting in and out of the city.

Our Products

All of our premium scaffold components manufactured by Technocraft Industries are hot-dip galvanized and manufactured from the highest quality steel resulting in optimum durability and a faultless safety rating. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure all OSHA standards are met or exceeded.

Scaffolding Systems:
Tube & Clamp


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